Generally white/ European.


Generally white/ European.


Generally white/ European.


Generally white/ European.


Generally white/ European.


By and large the ethnic groups of the empire are those of Africa as it would have been in Roman times, with a ruling white/Arabic/black class in the north, varying toward black further south. Black to all shades of African-Something. Carthak was based upon Africa, and the majority of the people are black. Hair colors would mainly be brown, brown-black, or black, with very few redheads or blondes. Eyes would be brown, black, gray-green, gray-blue, or very rarely blue, green, or gray.


Swarthy in the middle eastern/ Arabian way. Pierce based the Bazhir tribes off of the people of Beduin tribesmen of the Middle East.


Generally white/ European. Has a Nordic set to them.

Copper Isles

White to bronze, depending if the person is of Laurin (in which case, white/European) or of raka heritage. The raka coloring is more bronze, like Indonesian/Malaysian mixes, and Nawat’s just a little more brown than gold-brown. The bloodlines with more black in them come from southern Carthak, while northern Carthaki bloodlines, Yamani bloodlines, and eastern bloodlines combined ages ago to make the basic raka strain. The crows are blue-black in their hair and eyes, and brown in their human skins, like Kyprioth as a young god.


"The are based partly on the Montagnard tribes of the central highlands of Vietnam, and a bit on the Maya at least in their facial bones. You may have some trouble tracking pictures of them down, but they come from similar aboriginal stock to the Laotian Hmong and Meo tribes and the Thai hill tribes."


A medley of medieval Europe and Southeast Asia.

Yamani Isles

Japanese in appearance. The entire concept of the Yamani Isles spawned from Japan, really.