Player: Sickmonkey

Basic StatsEdit

full name » Cwenhild Malota Urry
nicknames » Cwen
aliases » n/a
real age » 19
gender » Female
residing » In the palace, where she works
character type » Palace staff
occupation » Stablehand
education » She knows reading, writing, and some basic mathematics, but that's the extent of it
allegiance » Tortall
marital status » Single


play-by » Georgie Badiel.
height » 5'5"
weight » 145 lbs
overall appearance » Although she's pretty much an adult, Cwen is still fairly gangly, with a body that has yet to really fill out, probably because of her constant running about and lifting hay bales. She is fairly tall and very leggy. A bit bony at the joints, and fairly conscious of it; her mother is always nagging at her to eat more and accusing her of being sick. Her face, like her body, isn't exactly 'sensual'. Some would call her cute. She has dark brown eyes that match her chocolate-y skin, an extra-wide forehead, and large dark lips. Her eyelashes and ears are small. Her hair is nuts; frizzy and uncontrollable, always mussed and typically tied severely back into a tight knot to avoid it springing free and suffocating her.


General PersonalityEdit

Cwenhild is the kind of person who will greet you with a smile, befriend you, promptly forget your name, and hit someone in the stomach if they insult you. She charms and befriends with ease, knowing intuitively what people are like. If temporarily flighty, she permanently dedicated to both friends and to family, and will not revoke a friendship. Her enmity is equally cemented. Once she dislikes a person, it will take endless amounts of effort for them to get on her good side again. She has very definite feelings about every person.

Cwen is generally compassionate. Although she has little, she is quick to offer what she can, and will at least provide her labor for a worthy cause. She has a major soft spot for children, and is always quick to help out a pretty young woman, although she would never cross the line to flirtation. She isn't exactly open about her preference for women.

But despite her helpful nature, her family comes first on her list of priorities. Always. She is like a surrogate mother to her younger sister, and a nursemaid to her ill mother. They are her sun and her moon. Probably the worst thing to ever happen to her was her father's death, and her brother's disappearance; her dream is that her brother at least will return to her. Her sister is a constant source of exasperation; she has a sneaking suspicion that she has been sneaking out to try and join the rogues like their brother. And of course her mother, despite her sickness, is the lovable harpy who keeps her up and at work every day. Without their support and wisdom Cwen would be lost.

Cwen is ballsy. Little shakes her, and that which does she tries to plow through. Despite her phobia of horses, she still works as a stablehand, and tends to look at fighting the fear as a challenge instead of a daily nightmare. In general, fear doesn't disable her, and at times even provides the stimulus for personal improvement. She's had to deal with all kinds of folk and ugly situations in the inner city and in her case, adversity has bred success. To her fear is more a means of reaching a goal than a true obstacle.


Homosexual, but she isn't exactly open about that.


  • Collectible little figurines, especially of animals.
  • Small, harmless animals like rabbits or chipmunks.
  • Bread. She likes to bake it, eat it, and sometimes just smell it. It has sentimental value to her.
  • Dancing. She used to dance with her mother when she was little and never lost her liking for it.
  • Little kids. She can't wait to have some of her own.
  • Sunrises and early mornings. She loves the potential and the fresh-start-feeling of a new day.
  • Women. Not just sexually and romantically; she likes to spend her time in primarily female company.
  • Cats. They are one of the few domestic animals that don't get on her nerves or in her way.
  • Flowers. Especially big exotic orchids. She has always wanted someone to bring her some as a gift. She thinks it's a grand romantic gesture.
  • People in general.


  • Horses. Everything from their massive, snot-spraying sneezes to their big yellow teeth gives her the willies.
  • Snakes. Not in a fearful way, but in a 'kill them with shovels' way.
  • Animal abusers. Although she's not a huge animal person, she thinks that anyone who will hurt an animal will hurt a human being.
  • Royalty, nobles, and other rich folk that have caused nothing but hurt to her and the people she loved.
  • A lot of men. She doesn't like their come-ons and the rude attitudes that a lot of them seem to have.
  • People who take what they have for granted. As someone who has always been on the poor side of things, it makes her angry to see rich, privileged individuals complaining about small problems.
  • Rich food. Since she's been raised on simple fare, the exotic stuff doesn't sit well on her tongue or in her stomach.
  • Complainers and pessimists. She could tolerate one for a friend, but their negative viewpoint would always exasperate her.
  • Dealing with her bird's-nest of hair.
  • Knights, soldiers, and other warriors. She doesn't understand how anybody could tolerate going to war and taking lives even if they think it's justified.


  • Unconscious wisdom; she doesn't do a lot of complex thinking, but the right answers occur to her fairly naturally.
  • Physical strength and endurance. Not to a massive degree, but to the point where she can put in a hard day's work without being sore in the morning.
  • General fearlessness. She has a handful of very specific phobias that rattle her to the core, but for the most part, she can handle anything.


  • For one, she is absentminded; a dreamer. She always has her heads in the clouds, which brings no end of criticism from her mother.
  • She has a few irrational phobias, like her fear of horses, which makes her job endlessly difficult.
  • Can give the impression that she is flighty and doesn't take things seriously. A little forgetful.




date of birth» May 3rd, 550.
birthplace » Corus
family »
  • mother is Malota Urry, 56
  • father is Theobald Urry, deceased
  • brother is Brom Urry, 23
  • sister is Helewys Urry, 15
family history » Cwen's family immigrated from Tyra a few generations back. As poor immigrants, they did their best to blend in, adopting common Tortallan names and cultural traits. Their family has traditionally worked in the palace, with a few black sheep working as Dogs. The bakery had been in their family for three generations.
full history » Cwen's childhood consisted of blissful days spent running back and forth in her mother's bakery. It was warm, it smelled great, and she got to help out. Little-Cwen heaven. Her family was prospering; her father had an excellent notarizing job up at the palace, her mother's business was booming, and she had another sibling on the way.

But as the kingdom took a negative turn, so did daily life for many families, including the Urrys. Her father was sent off to the frontlines of battle to write financial reports for the king. After a difficult birth that left her weakened, Cwen's mother gave birth to a baby girl, a wonderful event tarnished by a sickness that settled in soon afterwards and never really left. Soon afterwards their business fell apart. They were forced to move, leaving the walls where Cwen had grown up and relocating to a small, inner city home.

Times were tough. Cwen's mother took a job in the palace, and her older brother joined the rogues, while Cwen grew up taking care of her baby sister and guarding their home against thieves. Although she didn't entirely understand the string of events that had driven her family to near-poverty, she knew that it was important to work hard, and not to complain. She grew up fast. While other children had the chance to play with dolls and skip rope, she had to kill vermin. She learned some basic staff-fighting moves from her brother in order to protect herself and her little sister when they were home alone.

Gradually her family saved up some money, but before they could put it to use bettering their lives, tragedy struck. Her father was reported dead, a casualty of war. They used their meager funds to have his body sent home and hold a proper funeral. Soon after, Cwen's brother disappeared. He has not returned since; her mother assumes him dead, but Cwen secretly believes that he will return one day.

After losing two family members in quick succession, the grief took its toll on Cwen's mother, whose weakness became illness. She was soon too sick to continue working. She returned to the home, and Cwen soon became the sole supporter of the family. One of her father's old friends, and his overseer from his work at the palace, came to attend his funeral. Cwen got her current job through him. It wasn't exactly her first choice, seeing as she has a phobia of horses (which is managable to a certain degree), but it was better than the inner city options of barmaid or prostitute.