The Tortallan Books of Nobility recorded the noble families of Tortall. Since Human Era 570, there are four books in which the names of the ruling families are recorded, those being The Book of Gold, The Book of Silver, The Book of Copper, and The Book of Marble.


The first books to be set up was the Book of Gold, which was begun more than two hundred years before the count of the Human Era began, when Tortall established itself as a sovereign nation after the fall of the Thanic Empire. The book got its name from the gilded letters and plates of gold on the front and back. The pages itself were parchment. The place in the books was restricted to the number of pages originally put in, so at one point, there was no space for the addition of more families.

Thus the Book of Silver was begun 170 years later, still nearly half a century before the beginning of the Human Era. It was constructed the same way as the Book of Gold, only in silver. It lasted 245 years until it, too, ran out of space and a new book, the Book of Copper was made shortly after the beginning of the third century of the Human Era. When the Book of Copper reached its limit, the Book of Marble began in Human Era 568.

Names in the Book of Gold

  • Trebond
  • Masbolle

Names in the Book of Silver

  • Conté

Names in the Book of Copper

  • Mindelan

Names in the Book of Marble

  • Terynhill